THE SOCIALITES, Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians, creative practitioner  
FEMINIST EXCHANGE NETWORK, Planet Abundance, video production
SONIC BOTHY, Coffee Machine & Organ, camera operator
TRAVELLING GALLERY, Water Patterns, video commission 
SONIC BOTHY, Public Inconvenience, camera operator 
2020 - 21 
THE SOCIALITES, Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians, creative practitioner 
TRAVELLING GALLERY, Shapes of Water, video commission
FEMINIST EXCHANGE NETWORK, Feminist Economics Football, video production
THE SOCIALITES, Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians, creative practitioner
TRANSITIONS, Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians, video production
GIOFEST XI - Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, CCA, Glasgow, video production
PEOPLE PAVILION, Glasgow Festival, video production
EXTENDING THE GLASS CHAIN - 100 YEARS ON, Edinburgh College of Art, creative practitioner
CONCURRENT, Edinburgh University, creative practitioner
THE SOCIALITES, Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians, creative practitioner
GIOFEST X - Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, CCA, Glasgow, video production
CREATIVE CAMPUS, Festival of Architecture, Stirling University, creative practitioner
CONCURRENT#2, New Configurations For Improvisation, Edinburgh University, creative practitioner
CONCURRENT#3, Exchanges Through Improvisation, Tate Exchange Space, Tate Liverpool
KMADOTCOM, Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians, Dalkeith Corn Exchange Museum, video production
THE SOCIALITES, Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians, creative practitioner
GIOFEST IX - Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, CCA, Glasgow, video production
EIDOLON, An Art Project by Bev Hood, documentary photography
THE DRAWING ROOM, with Sharon Quigley, creative practitioner
SCOTTISH YOUTH THEATRE, Creative Specialist/ AV artist, Summer Courses - Junior Course
THE SOCIALITES, Artlink Edinburgh & Lothians, creative practitioner
GIE'S PEACE PROJECT | Scottish Youth Theatre, Anti-Sectarian Devised Theatre, The Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, documentation & digital design
SONIC BOTHY | City Halls, Glasgow, video documentation 
ARTWORKS CONVERSATIONS | Edinburgh, participant
DIGITAL WAY-FINDING for people with cognitive impairment in clinical settings | Artlink Central, NHS Forth Valley & ECA, video production
REACHOUT WITH ARTS IN MIND | video production
WHAT THE F**KIRK ? | by Alan Bissett, directed by Sasha Kyle, Falkirk Community Trust, video production
TIME TO SHINE | Scottish Youth Theatre & Action for Children Devised Theatre Project, An Lanntair, Isle of Lewis, creative practitioner
THE GREAT ESCAPE | Creative Stirling, Up in the Air, creative workshop 
CREATIVE CAMPUS | Artlink Central & Artreach participants, Stirling University, interdisciplinary practise 
TRACES OF PRESENCE | Nebelhohle, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, camera operator
MANY VOICES, ONE STORY | Scottish Youth Theatre/ Action for Children, video production
GIOfest, VIII - Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, CCA, video production
GUT FEELING | Performance workshop with artists Pester & Rossi, Sarah Kenchington and Satya Dunning, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, video documentation
SNOWCONE comic | by Malcy Duff, video production
SYNAESTHETIC SEQUENCER | with Aleatory Music Systems, video production
THE DRAWING ROOM | Let's Twist with Ailie Rutherford & Sharon Quigley, SNGMA
THE DRAWING ROOM | ASMR and the Common Sense with Zoë Fothergill & Sharon Quigley, SNGMA, photographer 
SPATIAL MEMORIES | with Bev Hood, Sharon Quigley & Abrupt Encounters artists; EDINA, ECA & Artlink Central partnership, MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling, video production
DAVID MACDIARMID, PROCESS (REWIND) | residency show discussion, Chisenhale Art Place, London
WALLPAPER DESIGN | collaborative wallpaper design for Falkirk Community Hospital with Frances Douglas and Stenhousemuir Primary School, digital design 
BLACK BRANCHES | video by Heidi Grandy, camera operator
THE DRAWING ROOM | GENERATION by night with Sharon Quigley, RSA, Edinburgh 
THE DRAWING ROOM | GENERATION by night with Sharon Quigley and Aleatory Music Systems, RSA, Edinburgh, photographer
FORTHWAYS | criminal justice programme radio drama, with Fi Milligan Rennie, audio production
SONIC BOTHY | GIOFest Connected Elements, CCA, Glasgow, video documentation
THE PIPEMAN SHOW | TY Theatre, Montreal, created by Claudine Rivest, video production