HEAVY PATTING | Belinda Gilbert Scott, Sarah Kenchington and Emma Bowen.  
29th August, short performance at GARAGE, Edinburgh Art Festival 2015. 
photo credit: Ruby Pester

AMUSE - BOUCHE | 29 & 30th August at GARAGE, features new and collaborative work by Scottish based artists Rowan Mace, Pester and Rossi, Sarah Kenchington, Belinda Gilbert Scott and Emma Bowen. Edinburgh Art Festival 2015.
Photo credit : Drinking the Green by Belinda Gilbert Scott

P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M |  Jo Marsh's Wanderbox at GARAGE, Edinburgh Art Festival 2015