THE ISLAND IS FULL OF NOISES | Scottish Youth Theatre - Junior Summer Course, still from video projections

SONIC LANTERN, TENDER BUTTONS | with Robert Baldock, Sharon Quigley
 Audio visual interpretation/ live performance of Gertrude Stein's, Tender Buttons with readings by Rainoir Clark, Seeing Sound 4, Bath Spa University

THE DRAWING ROOM | 3D participatory drawing session with Sharon Quigley, SNGMA

CONCURRENT | New work for multidisciplinary improvisers: Graeme Wilson, Raymond MacDonald, Cath Keay with others, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh University.  Performance documentation  
photo credit: full zoom photography

MANY VOICES, ONE STORY | Action For Children & Scottish Youth Theatre, still from video projection.

HEAVY PATTING | Belinda Gilbert Scott, Sarah Kenchington and Emma Bowen.  Short performance at GARAGE, Edinburgh Art Festival 2015. 
photo credit: Ruby Pester

AMUSE - BOUCHE | 29 & 30th August at GARAGE, features new and collaborative work by Scottish based artists Rowan Mace, Pester and Rossi, Sarah Kenchington, Belinda Gilbert Scott and Emma Bowen. Edinburgh Art Festival 2015.
Photo credit : Drinking the Green by Belinda Gilbert Scott

P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M-P-O-M |  Jo Marsh's Wanderbox at GARAGE, Edinburgh Art Festival 2015

Looking forward to a mini residency, 21-23rd August, Jo Marsh's Wanderbox

WHAT THE F**KIRK ? | by Alan Bissett and Sasha Kyle, Falkirk Community Trust, still from video projection, various venues,  info