Feminist Economics Football: A Cooperative Game

This short film documents a football match that took place on Cathkin Park in June 2021, filmed by Emma Bowen. The match was played between 3 teams: Degrowth, Decolonisation and Climate Action, all aiming to form allegiances rather than beat the other teams. It was a playful way of looking at the intersection of these struggles and how a truly feminist approach to economics can’t function without all of these things being taken into account.

The match was played on a hexagonal pitch (as devised by the original anarchist players of co-operative football in the 1960s) with hexagonal football strips upcycled by artist Mandy Roberts. But the footballers re-wrote the rules of the game, thinking collectively about how they would play together and what each team might offer the others. The idea was to “bring something” to the other teams rather than to score a goal against them. After discussing the intersection of their causes and struggles. Players deciding to get rid of their goalies after the first third and introduce a second ball in the final third of the match

Feminist Economics Football was created by artists Ailie Rutherford, Sapna Agarwal and Mandy Roberts for Feminist Exchange Network in July 2021

Funded by Glasgow Communities Fund and Stop Climate Chaos and supported by Govanhill Baths

Image © Feminist Exchange Network, 2021