THE BEAST | BEDROOM, exhibition images, 2012

An exhibition of plastersenosaurs created by a young artist called Abe Locke with some drawings by Emma Bowen.

Abe Locke

Abe is 13 years old.  He has been making plastersenosaurs for 5 years.  Most are mammals or reptiles.  The aquatic ones have flippers and the aerial ones have 2 feet and a massive wing span.  
Abe uses any materials he can get his hands on; leaves, pencil lead, lego pieces, plastic toy skulls, cocktail sticks for eyes and claws, toy skeletons and spindly sticks for backbones.  Some of the creatures have pebbles inside them to make them stronger, so they do not get squashed.  Abe does not use clay because it dries too quickly.  He prefers plasticene because he can remould the shapes easily and he can use bright colours.  They  are constantly changing and evolving.  He often makes little stories for them and enjoys making them because ," it is creative and sometimes hilarious", seeing peoples reactions.  It is also cheaper than plastic toys. 

They are, "his own version of life on earth...evolution."  This is the first time Abe has exhibited his plastersenosaurs .

Emma Bowen

Emma is 34 years old.  She has made some small pen and ink studies based on Abe's plastersenosaurs.  There are also some larger 'exploded' abstract drawings made using invented brushes from twigs and horsehair.  Playful psychedelic shapes, cartoon-like entoptic images and form constants hide and reveal themselves.  Visitors will have the opportunity to experience these with light beams, through diffraction grating glasses.